How Trump May Win the Election

Its very clear that there is overwhelming opposition to the Trump campaign and there are enough people to defeat him, but…

Trump, as the vicious sociopath without a moral compass or compassion for those not in his camp — he plans to crush his opposition and become the President in name only — aka the Führer / Dictator of America.

Opportunistic Means:

· Use of the Pandemic to divide and eliminate unwanted voters

· Evictions of the Middle, Working Class and the Poor from their homes

· Planned failure of the US Postal System and the chaos of its demise (in October)

· Stacking the courts with lifetime appointees of conservative judges — in Trump’s pocket — like any Mob Boss

· Destroying the US Economy by hurting the 99% through a variety a means

· Encouraging China to dig dirt on Biden (and other countries ie Russia)

· Lack of effect cyber safeguards on the election

· Use of Voter Suppression and Purging already in place to reduce a non-existent problem — voter fraud.

I could go on, but we already know his tactics and philosophy (make money, win, and get even).

He has ignored the Pandemic from the beginning and is making a profit and eliminating those he considers irrelevant to the election based on numbers alone. His transfer of more money to the rich- while withholding needed funding from the middle class, the working class and the poor adds to greater divisiveness from his point of view for the purpose of winning. Only the rich — who continue to support his grab for power are either oblivious to anyone but themselves or see the 99% as expendable fodder for serfdom and slavery to the predatory capitalist machine.

[Of course, he is oblivious to showing compassion towards the 99%. His focus is so narrow he only sees acquiring more money and power at the expense of the US Economy and those who are not with him. The US Constitution is there when he can get an advantage from it and inconvenient when he cannot. This is the convenient floating morality of negligent criminal behavior at its very least.]

As money runs out for the unemployed of the 99% they are or will soon be evicted as renters or those that default on their mortgages. The homeless population will explode and most like be worse than The Great Depression and tank the US and world economies for years to come. And it will be especially bad in the US in an increasingly destitute dystopia.

A population that is homeless will need an affordable mailing address and / or a physical address to remain registered to vote. Without an address many will be automatically eliminated from the voter rolls.

Many Indigenous Americans have only US Post Offices Boxes as mailing addresses which in the past have been able to keep them as registered voters. With the imminent failure of the US Post Office said to run out of money in October — one month before the election those without homes or those that rely of receiving mail at the Post Office may experience chaos with regard to mail-in balloting. Another link in the chain of a valuable infrastructure of commerce (for small businesses — like mine), voting and low-cost shipping.

Amongst the 99% who are unemployed and homeless the economy which relies on the consumerism of the middle and working class will collapse as individuals and families become homeless because the government that is supposed to serve them couldn’t care less.

However, Trump’s GOP pals are beginning to see the message and like rats jumping a sinking ship are beginning to balk at his policies especially when it threatens their re-election. Now is the time to put pressure on House and Senate members in each state to save the Postal service, to provide relief for those who are in danger of being evicted as one step to save the economy.

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