Jesus and I are Good Friends


When I was younger (in my teens) I received many pictures / visions of how life is meant to be. I came to believe that I came from the future to assist others if they wanted help to attain a kind of heaven on earth. Sharing those visions wasn’t enough. I needed to participate in them along with millions of others to assist the manifestation of the world to come. So far I have dedicated my life to:

  1. Being a good householder β€” acting responsibly in daily life with others
  2. Be of service
  3. Ask for Divine Help without an expectation of receiving it.

Meeting and talking with Jesus in my Head

When I was 4 years old I asked to Jesus Christ to help me. He did. We became friends. After a time, I thought I was to become a priest so I could be closer to him. At church around age 12 (I was raised Catholic) I asked where Jesus was that day, assuming he was somewhere in spirit inside the church. He said he was outside. Every time I asked he answered that he was outside β€” in nature.

Jesus told me that he didn’t belong to any church. β€œFollow your heart. Follow love,” he told me. Jesus is one of the teachers that comes to me so that I may help others and work on being present.



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