The Twelve — High Vibrational Guides

And Ascended Masters are associated with and channeled by this author

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Speakers for The Twelve: Elohim-Elijah, Elijah and Mother Mary

Three Archangels: Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel

Three Goddesses: Mary Magdalene, Isis and Quan Yin

Three Earth Keepers: The Force of a Trinity — Ka-Tun from The First People, Moolena from Lemuria and Ecktasha-ha from Shambhalla,

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Speakers for The Twelve:


The Elohim meaning “Gods” in Hebrew are a demiurgic intelligence sent by Creation/God to assist in forming a series of planets across many galaxies where access to free will and higher states of consciousness could be achieved. The Elohim are a group of twelve etheric beings or dyads (24 beings in total) or the Instrumentators surrounded by the Etheric Higher Consciousness Light (EH-C Light) within the body of the Elohim. The EH-C Light is made up of high vibrational photonic plasma from the 13 Dimensional Level. The Elohim helped form the physical or corporeal Earth, anchored the human vibration, and assisted in fostering free will as an access pathway to higher consciousness. The Elohim do not speak directly but through Elijah who in linear time was set free to live as a human amongst the Lemurians before, during, and after The Great Separation.


Elijah is a prophet — a messenger from the Elohim to assist in reopening the path to free will and higher consciousness. Elijah is a direct messenger to individuals of importance in corporeal form on Earth. He sometimes appears to people and delivers messages.

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Mother Mary

Mother Mary is the feminine vessel of birth for divine consciousness and unconditional love to be transformed into the human form and be made manifest. She is the embodiment of the Divine Mother and channel of unconditional compassion and love.

More about The Three Archangels and The Three Goddess will be revealed when The Twelve releases the information.

Three Earth Keepers:

Ka-Tun from The First People

An asexual geneticist from the Sirius System helping to create indigenous life from the first amino acids and proteins. The Earth Vibration allowed his genderless being to become female for an extension of life for a period of 13 months while other members became male. He returned to an asexual being and is skillful in telepathic communication and telekinesis. Ka-Tun is a stocky individual with a wide-body (like a football player with padding) about 5 foot 11 inches tall.

Ecktasha-ha — from Shambhalla

Ecktasha-ha, a male of about 12 feet tall is closely associated with all trees and plant life on Earth and throughout earth’s dimensional worlds. He is from Shambhalla and works with communities of trees especially the Redwoods as a conduit for teaching and co-created healing partnerships. He is a protector.

Moolena from Lemuria

Moolena, a female vibrational light being was the first to attain a corporeal state and hold it for 9 months. She has goddess energy and imbues the healing energies of channeled unconditional love. She is slender and about seven feet tall.

Why “The Twelve”?

Twelve is the perfect number. Esoteric knowing states that twelve present individuals are required to hold sacred or divine space in which healing can be miraculously channeled.

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