Universal Health Care — Where the need arises

Here’s the thing. Money is the primary goal and whatever the corporation is hawking is secondary to the amount they can get for it using the least expensive means possible to achieve the goal.

Historically corporations due to their focus on short term goals — making money first product second, they have sacrificed everything else for that goal. This is especially true in the healthcare industry. This is a complex equation of which there are many factors.

Besides healthcare as a human right here’s something else to put into the hopper. In my early 30s I lived in Stockton, California on the central valley. There is a kind of fog there colloquially named Tule Fog (pronounced tooley). It’s a winter ground fog that can lie close to the ground or rise up to about 100 feet or so. It tends to remain blanketing the Central Valley from November to March without break — as in no sunshine. After a while the fog admits an odor — the smell of exhaust fumes in the air. I surmised that the pollutants from internal combustion engines of cars bonded with the water molecules in the air forms this noxious and dangerous pollutant trapped there. About a year later I read a study from University of California at Davis that had done a study “proving” my common-sense hypothesis. The point here is that scientific experiments can be refuted by industries that pollute to keep their profit systems running while we suffer from a toxic environment adds insult to injury.

Since industry has been increasingly focused on short term profits they tend to ignore or cover-up the toxicity of the waste products they discard. Add increasing growth in the population, more toxicity and an increasingly dangerous and inhospitable environment for human survival (thus the Climate Crisis). Corporations suppress reports about their toxic waste so they can continue to make money. Toxic producing industries contribute to acute and chronic health problems. The growth model of the healthcare industry may be to perpetually solving health problems so they can make more money on sick people, at least those sick people that can afford a treatment. Healthcare’s philosophical underpinnings is to make more money, especially by denying benefits to those who are ill. You get the idea. It’s a form of gambling with health.

Corporations that can be assumed to pollute the environment by means of their product need to have a two-fold tax applied to them since money talks. One tax would go to cleaning up the environment and one tax would go towards paying for universal healthcare.

This is why healthcare is a human right. It is because systemic predatory capitalism will either purposefully, or by willful ignorance or by accident kill off those that cannot afford health insurance.

I don’t like Medicare for All. I do like the Japanese model for Universal Healthcare because it heavily regulates insurance providers by re-educating them to care by the will of the people for the common good. It includes a different iteration of the Corporations in a solution that benefits all the people.

Government — serving all the people uses its legislative authority to mold corporations to serve All The People rather than the rich and mega-rich. I was raised thinking this was a partnership between government, industry and all of us as citizens.

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